Polka Dot Pancakes

Strawberry Vanilla Bean BUY


Pancake batter
Cream cheese
Laura Ann's Strawberry Vanilla Bean jam


Call 'em hotcakes, call 'em flapjacks, call 'em griddle cakes — call 'em whatever you want — pancakes are a classic comfort food. I made a batch the other night and decided to have a little fun...

Prepare pancake batter according to your favorite recipe. Once it is blended together and smooth, ladle small spoonfuls of batter into a lightly oiled, heated griddle. Cook each mini pancake over medium heat until they are cooked through and both sides are a golden brown. Remove to a serving platter. Slather each with Strawberry Vanilla Bean jam (or ANY of your favorite Laura Ann's Jams), top with tiny dollops of cream cheese and — voila! Polka dot pancakes!