Old #7 Meyer Lemon Marmalade

EUREKA!  I found another magaical combo and feel like I just struck gold!

I had got a HUGE bag of lemons from Alison and thought that I would try a marmalade for Delilah’s bakery using the not so secret ingredient: JACK DANIELS.  I was thinking it would be like a slightly sweeter fun version of a Lynchburg lemonade but it is WAY more amazing than that.

This ended up not being boozy at all but more like a hint of woody back notes when you eat this perfectly set marmalade.

I find marmalade kind of hard to get to a really nice setting point but these lemons this year are being VERY cooperative.  Perhaps it was all the rain we got here in So CA this year.  Or maybe I’m just getting better and better at what I do!  ;-)]]>