Johnny Reb's Recap

The Jam Session at Johnny Rebs was SO much fun. It was a laid back panel discussion and every one of us walked away with learning something new. Everything was discussed, from preserving pans to how to make your own pectin. We talked about our own "jammin'" stories as well as local farmers, growing your own food, the canning process, books we like - we talked about it ALL. It was a packed house at Johnny Rebs and everyone got to taste all of our jams, ask questions and enjoy the afternoon together.

It was a PERFECT mix of amazing fellow jammers - Mother Cluck is a recent grad of the master preserving program at a UC so she acted as our technical expert.  Jenkins Jellies is going public BIG time and had TONS of knowledge about making jam on a large scale and how she created her recipe out of her garden.  Jessica from Sqirl is a fancy pants trained pastry chef and had all kinds of geeky knowledge about cooking and French technique - I have a thing for uber nerds so I'm a little crushed out on her. Then there was little ol' me...who knows EVERYTHING - just ask me! ha. I was just the chatty Cathy and comic relief.

All and all, I had a blast. I can't thank Carrie Kommers of Table One Marketing enough for putting this together. I also have to say that Johnny Rebs seriously won me over with their Southern hospitality, (iced tea in mason jars didn't hurt) and went in for the SLAM DUNK of love when they sent me home with a pulled pork sandwich. I heart BBQ. I hope we can all do this again. I really love my fellow artisan preserve makers.