Kumgerine? Tangerquat?


Over the weekend my friend Dave took me to his friends house in Atwater Village to harvest some backyard kumquats.  I had so much fun. Granted, we did go out cocktailing BEFORE the harvest, which didn't hurt.  I gathered a bag full and I happily headed straight home. Even though it took a LONG time to clean them, juice them, and take out all the seeds, it was worth it.  These delicious fruit are super tangy with sweet rind; I just love these little buggers.  I wish I had more time to cook more of these.  This will be a SUPER limited edition jam this year. Special THANKS to  Andee & Arnie for their Atwater Kumquats.

P.S. Turns out that the fruit is a cross between tangerine and kumquat.  New name: Kumgerine? Tangerquat?  I just call it tasty.