Flavor Grenade

Farmer Jim of Cottage Grove Farm

This weekend I went to the Atwater Village Farmers Market to get some fruit.  I stopped by the Cottage Farms booth and after tasting 13 different stone fruits I asked farmer Jim "Whats YOUR favorite stone fruit"?  He took a pause, really thinking about it...FLAVOR GRENADE.  I laughed and said "Jim, I dont even know what one of those are, but I will take 40lbs of flavor grenades just on the name alone".

These delicious fruit are a special strain of green pluots. Being shaped like a granade is obviously how they aquired their name but it doesn't hurt that they EXPLODE IN YOUR MOUTH with flavor.  I'm still experimenting on how I'm going to use the grenades, I just might pair with a spice.  That is on the list for test kitchen tuesdays!

Here is a photo of Jim carefully getting the grenades for me.  It is almost as if he's a a flavor bomb squad sergeant.