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Laura Ann's Jams on Sauce L.A.

  Sauce L.A., one of L.A.'s coolest blogs, recently named me one of their favorite jammers in the city.  Check out the link to see what she had to say about Laura Ann's Jams.

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Fancifull Baskets

  Went to an amazing event at Fancifull back in January, it was a classical concert and wine tasting. I always love doing jam deliveries to Fancifull Baskets because this place is a crafters paradise. Not only do they have a cuter than cute retail gourmet store in the front but they held the wine tasting in the back workroom. Surrounded by baskets, boxes, bows, ribbons and such, as well as the most amazing gourmet foods from all over the world! I gives me a proud feeling that the owners Terry and Wally carry Laura Ann's Jams. I’m always thrilled...

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Citrus Time

  This time of year brings a bountiful harvest of delicious citrus in our beautiful state of California. I've been toiling away in the kitchen, developing new flavors, as this season always fills me with such inspiration. One of my favorites thus far is this year's Bulleit Blood Orange Marmalade, a different take on one of my classic flavors which you can buy here. Last week I went out to forage some vibrant Meyer Lemons and look forward to sharing with you my new creations.

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