Blueberry Basil

What does a record store have to do with jam? Origami Vinyl was across the street from my house and was one of my favorite spots in Echo Park. As a matter of fact, when they had bands play live I can hear it so clearly that I consider it to be the soundtrack to many of the jams I make. One day when I was in the store talking to Sean, he suggested that I try to make a jam with blueberry and basil. I took the challenge and told him if it worked I’d name it after the store.  In case you didn't already guess, it worked: fresh blueberry, bursting with sweetness and complimented by the aromatic basil brightness.

Try it on toast or as a salmon glaze!

Cheese Pairing: Goat cheese

Recipe Ideas: Jamwiches, Blue Basil Ginrickey


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