Apricot Ginger

Whenever this Midwestern gal visits a farmer’s market (which is OFTEN), I am always inspired by the fresh, vibrant fruits and spices of the West Coast. I couldn't resist creating a blend of delicious, tart apricot with a kick of bright ginger. A little sweet, a little spicy ... just how I love it. I know you'll get as addicted to it as I am. (I'm literally eating it off of a spoon right now.) Spread it on toast, use it as a glaze on spring rolls, or add it to champagne; this jam is a versatile essential! I'm so happy to finally answer the question "When are you going to make an apricot jam?" with "Not only is it available, it's absolutely fabulous!"


Limited Edition 8oz hex jars 

Cheese Pairing: Triple Creme, Asadero, Pepato (a sharp hard sheep's milk from Italy studded with black peppercorns)

Recipe Idea: Jammin' Salad Dressing

Cocktail: Ginger Rogers


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