Apricot Ginger

Whenever this Midwestern gal visits a farmer’s market (which is OFTEN), I am always inspired by the fresh, vibrant fruits and spices of the West Coast. I couldn't resist creating a blend of delicious, tart apricot with a kick of bright ginger. A little sweet, a little spicy ... just how I love it. I know you'll get as addicted to it as I am. (I'm literally eating it off of a spoon right now.) Spread it on toast, use it as a glaze on spring rolls, or add it to champagne; this jam is a versatile essential! I'm so happy to finally answer the question "When are you going to make an apricot jam?" with "Not only is it available, it's absolutely fabulous!"

Cheese Pairing: Triple Creme, Asadero, Pepato (a sharp hard sheep's milk from Italy studded with black peppercorns), Monterey jack, Gran Queso

Recipe Idea: Jammin' Salad Dressing

Cocktail: Ginger Rogers



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