Laura Ann's Brandied Cherries

What did you do during quarantine? I made some brandied bing cherries. GREAT for cocktails but also on your french toast. 

I personally made them because my family is a BIG fan of Black Forrest Cake. You can get the recipe HERE. You can also just warm them up and plop a scoop of your favorite Vanilla ice cream for the classic Cherries Jubliee.

Any way you use these - you are in for a treat because Brandy is a fine cherry and what a good treat it will be. (Dooda-dit-dooda), (dit-dooda-dit- dooda)

17oz jars

Ingredients are: Bing Cherries, Sugar, Brandy, Water.


a classic cocktail that would be SIMPLE with this is one of my favorites BLOOD & SAND: Scotch, a bit of the brandy cherry juice that in the jar, sweet vermouth and orange juice. 



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