Urban Honey: Buzzed Honeys

My good friends at Buzzed Honeys gave me a small stock of super limited edition honey harvested from my local area. I have honey from Silverlake, Beverly Hills & Pasadena. All super different, all yummy!

LOCAL URBAN HONEY from Los Angeles

Silverlake: creamy and caramel with almost a maple syrup taste. Friendly and hip, just like the people from Silverlake.

Beverly Hills: Rich & dirty, just like the people from Beverly hills. (Ha! just kidding.) Actually has a little jasmine & rose hint to me, like the gardens in an old lady's house. But it is really rich & thick & dark.

Pasadena: Light & flowery. You can TASTE the orange trees and flowers from Pasadena. SO crazy to taste something that smells like driving around the neighborhood! This might be my favorite honey ever.

6oz $10 each

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