Hooray for Hollywood Gift Box

HOORAY for this JAMAZING gift box!


STRAWBERRY VANILLA JAM - One of my best selling jams is also a Hollywood Blvd staple as the secret ingredient in the MUSSO & FRANK's signature dessert - the MUSSO TORTEN. I hear that it is Tarantino's favorite.


A JAR OF SILVER LAKE HONEY - Urban honey from my pals at Buzzed Honeys brings to you the hipser of hipster bees. The bee hives are actually IN Silver Lake. Not only is Silver Lake cool but Walt Disney and Judy Garland used to live there. Now your bees may be making honey from the flowers of James Franco, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams or mayBEE even Katy Perry. 

HOLLYWOOD MARMALADE - A Laura Ann's Jams origional falvor MADE for Hollywood. When I first startd the company in 2009 I made this for the brunch at the Marriott by the Kodak Theater. Many a Oscar nominee has enjoyed my signature marmalade.



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