Apricot Ginger BUY



WHISKEY * APRICOT GINGER * Ginger beer (or ginger ale) * Orange


  • 2oz Whiskey of choice
  • 1 tsp Apricot Ginger Jam
  • 2 oz fresh OJ
  • some ginger beer
  • pretty orange slice or mint or both! (for garnish)


    Add 1st 3 ingredients to a shaker and DRY SHAKE until combined

    add 1/2 scoop of ice and shake till chilled

    Strain over ice or pour the entire thing (Ice and all - especially if you like the little jam fruit & ginger bits at the bottom!)

    Top with ginger beer

    Garnish with an orange slice & a mint sprig for a little herbal cuteness.


    **Thanks to @theminty for the photo