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L.A. Times

Laura Ann’s Jams: Preserves with an edge

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Meet Laura Ann Masura

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Jammin IN the CIty


For Laura Ann Masura, jam-making came after her climb to stardom. This indie-rock drummer turned jammer (get it?) makes products that aren't quite your garden variety preserved fruits. Laura Ann's Jams varieties include "the Manhattan project," essentially a jarred cocktail (cherries infused with Bulleit rye, sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters), and a fiery Raspberry Habanero.

Many of these jams aren't for the faint-hearted -- not that we're complaining. Thanks to the rising farm to jam movement our future looks sweeter than ever.

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LA Mag

Best Locally Made Jams: Echo Park

Laura Ann Masura is a self-described "retired independent rock star," but the former drummer is still (ahem) jamming. For what goes into her Laura Ann's Jams, she shops at the Hollywood, Atwater Village, Santa Monica, and Silver Lake farmers' markets. Her blueberry-Meyer lemon variety is made with Pudwill Farm berries and lemons from a friend's tree in Hollywood. A fearless experimenter, Masura also offers raspberry-habanero, green plum-cardamom, and Asian pear-champagne blends.

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Larchmont Buzz

Laura Ann Masura, ofLaura Ann’s Jams, combines delicious herbs and spices with preserved fruit.  Her jams and preserves will complement almost any kind of cheese, holiday ham or turkey. These bottled treasures are available at Fancifull on Melrose and Larchmont and online. The jars are beautifully designed and make a great stocking stuffer or addition to a gift box.  Get into the holiday spirit with the Maple Pumpkin Butter. Better yet, try them all!

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Patch Hollywood, CA

Former Punk Rock Drummer Fronts Laura Ann's JamsLaura Ann Masura brings together unlikely pairings for her farmers market jams.

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Food Republic

"How to Preserve & Make Jam from Tomatoes 

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The LA Beat


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"Stoli Mixers & Shakers" VIDEO!

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LA Weekly

"5 Summer Gin Cocktail Recipes: Using Jams + Vinegars in Cocktails"

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 "A Jam of a Year"

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Savory Notes

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