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Laura Ann's Jams

Rockin' Jalapeño

Rockin' Jalapeño

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This sweet pepper jam will knock your socks off, and is a perfect addition to cocktails or a savory cheese plate. By request, I made this for the Musso & Frank Grill this year — and it turned out SO great that I had to add it to my Greatest Hits Collection.

This is an amazing jalapeño preserve that will be your new condiment on…EVERYTHING! I highly recommend giving your leftover turkey sandwiches a new twist with a slather of Rockin' Jalapeño. Glaze a chicken, make a Tequila Spiced Old Fashioned, or, instead of honey, add a spoonful of this to your tea for that little KICK that will make your mouth say, "WOW! Gimme more..."

Limited Edition 8oz hex jars


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