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Laura Anns Jams

Tiki Barista Coffee

Tiki Barista Coffee

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12oz bag of whole bean custom blend TIKI BARISTA coffee. 

Dark chocolate notes with a hint of sea salt as if you were at a Luau on the beach! 🏝

The first in my Tiki Barista line of coffee, coffee drinks and products! This coffee jams. 🤓

If you need it ground, let me know what kind of coffee maker you have. I am happy to grind it for you.



Nerd Facts for my coffee peeps:

The custom Tiki Barista blend consists of two coffee's taken to our favorite dark and chocolatey roast profile. San Coffee is a coop in Brazil's high plateaus of Campo Das Vertentes. At roughly 1,200 meters above sea level 20 smallholder farms harvest ripe yellow bourbon and yellow catuai coffee cherries. We've chosen their pulp natural process lots. The process results in deep jammy fruit, with chocolate and caramel in the finish. The second coffee is another coop, Del Campo, in Colombia. Situated at 1700 masl, these farmers in Huila grow caturra, bourbon, and colombia varieties. These coffees go through the washed process and provide a clean cherry sweet start and a lovely milk chocolate finish. With the extra kiss from our Diedrich Coffee Roaster these two coffee's become one sweet, smokey, syrupy delightful blend. This is an excellent dark roast for cold brew, cream, or straight up waking up in the morning. 

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